Multi-room Home Audio Systems

Listen, dance and sing in every room in the house with integrated home audio

Listen to the news while taking a shower. Run faster on the treadmill with a Spotify playlist. Fall asleep to an audio book. Dance to  Beyonce while making banana pancakes. With an integrated home audio system this is all possible. Anytime and all at the same time. A Smart Home audio system can play simultaneously throughout the house or separately in every room.

Consult our team of Control4 OS experts for tips on the best home audio design. We can connect each element for a seamless flow of sound in the house.

Smart Home System Integration

The possibilities of a home audio system are endless when integrated with Control4 Smart Home technology.

No more searching for unavailable Bluetooth connections. No unnecessary cables. Adjust volume, skip songs or change radio stations from a single device. Control each individual speaker in the house from the Control4 app on your smartphone or iPad. Listen to what you want, when you want, where you want.

Simultaneous Play Throughout the House

Never miss a beat with an integrated home audio system that connects in every room.

Feel the vibrations of an in-person concerto with a multi-room audio system. Do chores around the house to a personal soundtrack. With integrated home audio, each speaker in the house can play simultaneously. Share the musical experience with every household member.

Independent Control in Each Room

Keep the peace in the house with independent sound controls within an integrated system.

A son rocking out in his bedroom. A daughter singing along to her favourite band. A husband jamming while fixing the car. A wife listening to an audiobook on the porch. Or turn down the noise from the other room without moving… With Control4 it is always possible to play different audio and music streaming services in each room.

Stream Music Endlessly

Connect the home audio system to Smart Home Automation and enjoy music streaming services from all audio devices.

Each person in the household can tap into their favourite music streaming service. Listen to Spotify podcasts in one room and Tidal playlists in another. Having the choice between simultaneous and independent play makes it all possible.

Outdoor Audio Possibilities

Let the good times continue in the backyard with outdoor audio integration.

Outdoor audio systems are carefully placed soundbars and speakers, protected by weatherproof housing. With strategic placement, the sound won’t overflow to the neighbours. Grill with background music. Have the perfect accompaniment to nights by the fire pit.

Build a Home Music Studio

Musical inclinations deserve a space for explorations without any disturbances from the rest of the house.

Build your very own home music studio with a high quality sound system. Listen to music in the way it was intended. Pull out your favourite instruments and record their natural sound. Get maximum aural pleasure without any quality loss.