How Professionals Handle Wedding Lighting in Toronto

When renting a venue for a wedding, chances are that the existing lighting won’t be anything special – but this is a special day, and it demands great lighting! Whether you’re handling the lighting yourself, or hiring professionals to do the lights for you, the lighting should create the perfect mood or vibe for your ceremony.

A great event lighting rental company in Toronto can provide the lights you need, but there are a lot of decisions to be made first. Based on our 20+ years of experience providing audio-visual services across Toronto, here’s what you need to know!

Creating The Perfect Lighting For Your Wedding

1 – Learn everything you can about the venue

Before settling on a lighting setup, you should quiz the venue owners about their facilities. In particular, you should ask:

  • How many power outlets are there?
  • Where are the outlets located? (Get a floor plan with marked locations, if possible.)
  • How much power can each outlet provide, and what’s the maximum overall power draw?

And keep in mind, that lighting won’t be your only power draw. If you have a DJ, for example, their equipment is going to need a lot of electricity as well. You may need to look into renting extra power sources if the power demand exceeds what the venue can handle.

2 – Indoor vs outdoor lighting

Generally speaking, lighting an indoor venue is much easier than adding lighting to an outdoor event. You’ll also be able to make use of whatever lighting is already inside the building.

Trying to light an outdoor event will almost certainly require separate power sources, like generators. This goes double if you’re planning on a nighttime event. Getting married under the stars is super romantic, but you’ll need a lot of extra lights to ensure your visitors can move around safely in the darkness. Focus on lighting pathways, food/drink setups, and other areas people will be walking through.

3 – Lighting suggestions

What kind of mood do you want your lighting to set? Here are a few ideas!

Romantic: Look at softer, more diffuse lighting. Use candles if possible, or else low-wattage flame-shaped bulbs. Avoid harsh lights and spotlights; try to make the lighting indirect so that the event feels like it’s glowing.

Glamorous: For a glamorous wedding, think about the look of the lights themselves. You want chandeliers, candelabras, and other lighting fixtures that are big and splashy. Use big mirrors to spread the light, for a “palace ballroom” feel.

Modern: Think LEDs. They have brighter, more vibrant lights. Use spotlights to focus light in certain areas, with plenty of different colors involved. 

Empire AV Is Your Toronto Event Lighting Rental Source

No matter how you want your wedding to look, Empire AV has all the lights you need – as well as the expertise to craft a perfect lighting setup to show off your special day. Please contact us for advice, or to discuss your lighting rental.

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